focussing on the bible's life changing message about Jesus Christ


WORD - We believe God speaks, transforms and guides us through his word, the Bible. We are  committed to putting the Bible at the heart of church life.

COMMUNITY - We aim to be communities where we support and encourage one another to live lives transformed by Jesus.

MISSION - We long for our friends, neighbours and local community to find out who Jesus is and what it means to know and follow him.


TCC is an independent evangelical church that believes in the authority of the Christian Scriptures for all of life. We gladly affirm the historic Christian beliefs expressed in the Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed.  We also subscribe to the FIEC Statement of Faith.

TCC is a member of The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches. FIEC is a family of over 500 local churches who are united by the gospel and by a common purpose. FIEC exists to encourage and equip the family of independent churches to thrive, impacting our nation with the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

TCC is also a part of the church planting network, Acts 29. Acts29 is a diverse, global family of church-planting churches from the tradition of historic evangelical confessionalism.


Stuart Dean is the full-time Minister of TCC. He trained in London with the Proclamation Trust and at Oak Hill Theological College. Stuart has previously worked for churches in Kent and Sussex. He has also had various roles with the church planting network Acts 29 Europe. Stuart is married to Rachel and they have four children.                                         


Ali Steele works half-time for TCC and has responsibilities for women's ministry, pastoral care and counselling. She is passionate about how Jesus puts broken people and broken lives back together again. She can often be seen with a bucket of tea under a huge pile of knitting! She is married to Patch and has two children.


As an independent church TCC is led by our own leadership team ('elders') and helped by our own Operations Team ('deacons'). At TCC we delight in the diversity of gifts with which God has blessed us. We long to see everyone in TCC flourish as they serve one another, building up the body of Christ and doing the good deeds which spring from the gospel.