1. What denomination is TCC?

TCC is a member of The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC). FIEC is a family of over 500 local churches who are united by the gospel and by a common purpose. FIEC exists to encourage and equip the family of independent churches to thrive, impacting our nation with the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ. TCC is also a part of the church planting network, Acts 29 Europe

2. How does leadership work at TCC?

As an independent church TCC is led by our own leadership team ('elders'). We believe leadership is about modelling and teaching the gospel to create a culture in which everyone flourishes. So while the leadership team direct the affairs of the church we hope every Christian takes a part in the service and the mission of the church.

3. What do TCC believe?

The FIEC doctrinal basis is a good summary of what we believe. The values that shape our church life can be found here

4. How do I join TCC? 

TCC has no formal membership process. What we would ask is that you join one of our small groups, and consider our values before serving. 

5. Does TCC have their own building?

Yes. After several years meeting in a local school we have now moved into Wesley House, 61 Stockwell Head, LE10 1RD. We have renovated half the building are are raising money to compete the project asap. 

6. What is there for my kids? 

TCC has a range of activities for children ages 0-16 on Sundays and throughout the week. To find out more see our Youth/Kids page. 

7. Is there parking? 

There are 3 car parks on Stockwell Head. The council car parks are free on Sundays. The NCP is a reasonable price. To find out more about where TCC meets click here.

8. How do I get in contact with TCC? 

To get in contact with any of our staff members for specific enquiries visit our people page. Otherwise contact our admin staff for any general enquiries. 

9. Data Protection

TCC has recently updated its data protection policies in line with the 2018 regulations. To view the new data protection policy or to contact TCC regarding data protection click HERE