tcc beginnings

TCC started out as a small group of Holy Trinity, Hinckley. We were sent by Holy Trinity to share the good news of Jesus with people who would never go inside a church building, and who would never have contact with a church. Jesus said, 'Go... and make disciples.' Instead of asking people outside the church to come inside the church, we were sent to take the church out from the building and in to people's lives. At TCC our mission is to the many in our area who are cut off from the church - who never hear the good news of Jesus or see it lived out. 

TCC began with 15 adults and their children in a house in Hinckley in 2010. Our first 3 years saw steady growth in numbers and a stream of new believers. In 2013 TCC were happily sent by Holy Trinity to become an independent church, as they always hoped we might be. 

tcc today

Today there are over 100 of us of all ages, with lots of children and young people.  Many of us are new Christians. We're a new and growing church but we're built on the Bible's ancient and unchanging message. This statement of faith is a useful summary of what we believe. We hope to continue to grow because we'd love more people to join us in discovering the good news about Jesus Christ and the new life he offers. 

As well as meeting as a large group on Sundays, we meet in smaller groups during the week - to learn from the Bible, to encourage each other, to share life and to share the gospel together.  We're led by our own leadership team and we love being a part of FIEC and Acts 29 Europe.  

We hope you come and meet us. We're a very ordinary group of people. 

We all have lots to learn and none of us pretends we've got it all sorted. 

It's our God, not us, who is really extraordinary.     

  • Acts 29 Europe

    TCC is a member of the church planting network Acts 29. Acts 29 is a diverse, global family of church-planting churches characterised by theological clarity, cultural engagement & missional innovation.

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  • FIEC

    FIEC stands for Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches. FIEC exists to encourage & equip our family of churches to thrive, impacting our nation with the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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