The gospel ('good news') of Jesus Christ is central to everything that we do at TCC. It's the best news in the world. It gets us up in the morning, it makes us tick, and it shapes our lives - individually and together. We're all shaped by what we value most, and this is how the gospel shapes TCC.

These are the core values that shape our church.

gospel word

The gospel of Jesus Christ has saved us, changed us, and brought us into a whole new family - the church. The gospel is made known in the Bible - God's word. 

We believe the Bible to be the reliable, authoritative and sufficient word of God.  We believe that God speaks and reveals himself by His Spirit through His word. By his word God both saves us and shapes us. Faith in the gospel word unites the church.

We seek to understand, trust, live out and share the message of the Bible in every area of church life. We want to preach and pastor each other with God's Word and to share God's Word with those who are not yet Christians. We are committed to solid teaching from the Bible week in and week out. 

gospel community

Faith in Jesus Christ unites us to God and his people in a new community. At TCC we believe church is a community we belong to, not just a meeting we go to. 

At TCC we want to share our lives together in this new community. We want to care for each other and other people together. We want to share the good news of Jesus together. We want to grow in our faith together. We want to encourage each other to love and obey Jesus Christ together. 

Every Christian has a part to play in this new community. Leadership is not about control, but about modelling and teaching the gospel to form a culture in which everyone can flourish. 

gospel mission

We're a bunch or ordinary people who have been rescued by an extraordinary God. We believe that while our sin is a huge problem, the gospel of Jesus is an even bigger solution.  Faith in Jesus saves us from our sin and unites us to God in Jesus Christ. 

Jesus sends his people on a mission to share this good news with all sorts of people. He wants others to experience the love of God, and so do we - so we don't keep it to ourselves. We want to share this gospel with all people in the local area because we want them to know Jesus and experience His salvation too. 

If you want to find out more about Jesus and Christianity, please get in touch. We regularly run short courses and everyone is welcome, no matter of your age or background. 

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